One-Off Biker and One-Off Motorcycles

Motorcycles are Like Women – no matter how many you have, you always want One More!
This site’s for all Bikers – no matter whether you ride a cruiser, sports bike or full-on custom Chopper.

Are you a 1%er or a Citizen?
If you’re not sure, you’ve come to the right place.
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Motorcycle Quotes, Motorcycle Phrases, Motorcycle Sayings

At the intersection of Biker Attitude and Motorcycle Experience you find the idioms and phrases that Bikers use to define their world.

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There are a lot of differing ideas as to what makes a Squid be a Squid.
Some say that Squids are young/new riders. This isn’t entirely true – all motorcyclists start out being new, but not all motorcyclists start out being Squids. What is true about this definition is that new Squids rarely become old Squids! They either give up their squidish ways or, well – you get the idea, I’m sure.
Some say that a Squid is a motorcyclist that doesn’t wear adequate protective gear…

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